Sunday, October 6, 2013

October Unprocessed: Day 5

After all the time out last week I was happy to spend Saturday, October 5 at home!  I cooked, I cleaned, I did laundry and I watched football - lots of football!   I even took a nap mid-day!  It was a glorious day!

I baked my very first pumpkin roll.  I chose this recipe from Primally Inspired.   It has a dairy free filling option - it was important to me to make that version and avoid the cream cheese.   However, I struggled with that part.  It seems that the brand of coconut milk REALLY matters.  I bought the brand A Taste of Thai first and it wouldn't set up.  It was delicious, but not solid at all.   I scrapped that version (saved it to use in my fall version of bulletproof coffee) and started again.  I made a second trip to the store! to buy another can of coconut milk.  This time I got the LAST can of full fat Thai Kitchen coconut milk and it set up right away.   Whew!  My pumpkin roll cracked and and the filling was thin - but it was soo delicious.  The perfect way to celebrate my friend's upcoming birthday!

  • Breakfast:   Leftover pulled pork on lettuce.
  • Lunch and snack:  I wasn't terribly hungry, but I munched on cashews and carrots mid day, plus a handful of baby tomatoes.
  • Dinner: two sausage patties (nitrate free, locally sourced) with brussel sprouts, green beans and tomatoes.  I ate half of this and have the other half as leftovers!

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