Friday, October 11, 2013

October Unprocessed: Day 10

I packed a ton of snacks today - and didn't eat them all!   I thought I was meeting my friend and her tiny one for dinner right after school, but that fell through.   It worked out well though because I met up with another friend and her middle schooler for dinner at iHop.

It's been chilly and rainy here - such a fall weather pattern, without the pretty sunshine and crisp leaves falling everyplace.  But it makes me want soup.  Last weekend I wanted to make chili, but it was 90 degrees and felt weird...this weekend it is definitely happening!\

  • Breakfast: grilled chicken with peppers and tomatoes
  • Lunch/Snacks: pumpkin pie espresso hazelnut butter, celery, carrots, hazelnuts, peppers.   Also pictured but not eaten - almonds, tomatoes, clementines.
  • Dinner: iHop colorado omelette (made with real eggs, not their mix that includes pancake batter to make it fluffier) with a side of fruit.
  • Late night football snack:  I put frozen mango, a bit of almond milk and a touch of honey in the blender.  It made a thin softserve.  Perfect!

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