Sunday, March 25, 2012

A different kind of inspiration...

Sorry, this is not crafty, not one bit.  But this was such a great weekend for me that I had to share. 

Back in December I did the first 5k on my way to being healthy (walking) and it was a miserable experience.  My goal was to finish..however hard it was, and I did, but in the course of the day  I walked for what seemed like forever (including a pretty good size hill) to the start line from the parking, the course was run backwards which meant all the big hills were up AND no mile markers, and then up another hill to the "party" and then hiked forever to get back to parking.   UGH!   It was a terrible race for all of the 15,000 involved in the 5k and 15k and not a good time for my first race back.

So for 2012 my goal was to do 12 races in 12 months.   Then my dad had a heart attack and surgery and I was going home just about every weekend for the first 6 weeks so no races in Jan or Feb for me..

Soo, fast forward to March and I'm making up for the missed months and I did two this weekend!

First was a race at Fairfax Corner - Rev 3 Run Rogue 5K for two charities:  Life with Cancer and the National Brain Tumor Foundation.  Saturday was perfect - a little chilly, rain held off till we were done and I set my goal to not feel like I would die at the end.  I know I am stronger.  I am doing much more every day and my endurance is better.   I decreased my time from the Dec 3 race by over EIGHT minutes!! and I felt so good that I went walking around and shopping afterwards.   It was amazing.   I feel so strong.

And then today was the original race I signed up for in March, Ronald McDonald House Red Shoe 5k - and it rained all night and was pouring the rain when I got up at 6.  Luckily by 8 it was just misting but was downright cold!   I kind of wanted to sleep in... especially since I picked up my shirt and bib yesterday.   But I knew that wouldn't be right! And another friend was meeting me there...and I couldn't leave her hanging! So I went and I made the goal to finish strong and feel good - since this is the first 5k back-to-back on two days I've ever done.

Well, I not only finished strong, but I decreased my time again!  By 5 minutes and a few seconds!!  Unbelievable!   I knew when I got to mile marker 1 and looked at my split I was much faster than my pace yesterday....second mile was slower than the first, but still better than yesterday and the third mile and the last .1 was the fastest yet!   

I am a little sore, but not in pain.  Sore muscles are building strength, right!?  And I feel so incredibly strong.  I have the bibs hanging inside my door - last thing I see before I leave the house and first thing I see when I come in (my keys go in the little pocket below them).   I knew I could do it but also had that little voice creeping in with doubt.   I showed that little voice!!

All week I have been active.   I'm beginning to run a bit again (I've had surgery on both ankles and have pins and screws in both) and have a long way to go, but I feel so happy and wanted to share!  I've been wearing my FitBit (a nifty little gadget that tracks miles, steps, monitors sleep and calories burned and stairs climbed) and it's like a little competition with myself to do more and more each day.   Can I beat the previous days record?   The FitBit syncs with a website and tracks data historically.  Since I got it on March 15 I have logged 46.95 miles.  I can do this!   I will keep moving! 

I'm looking for some more races - I have a list I think I will do.  But I'm open to suggestions. I've already signed up for a few.

June - Susan G Komen Race for the Cure
September - Color Run

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sassy water

Yet another Pinterest inspired post- Sassy Water is a naturally flavored water, supposedly it is anti-bloat but I'm tempted to believe this is because the water tastes yummy and I drink more.

In a large (and pretty) pitcher combine 2 sliced lemons, a sliced mini cucumber and several mint leaves, torn to release flavor. Top with cold water and refrigerate.

This is so yummy! Pack it in your water bottle and carry it with you all day. Remember that drinking lots of water promotes all kinds of health.

Here is the original post from Pinterest.