Saturday, January 4, 2014

Another Challenge - Starting a 21 Day Sugar Detox

Over the past few holiday weeks my 80/20 way of eating Paleo has slipped more than a bit. I'm finding myself indulging in more and more things that make me feel not so hot. Corn (corn chips, chex mix) makes me feel bloated and slow. Sweets just make me want more and more sweet things. Some of the gluten free substitutions I've made are filled with other options (rice, tapioca flour, etc) that make me feel tired later.

So instead of a Whole30, this time I'm challenging myself to complete the 21 Day Sugar Detox that Diane Sanfilipo has created. It is said to reset my cravings, clear my system of the junk I've been eating.

I know that I need to do is prepare ahead of time. A plan, step by step, shopping lists, etc. Here is what I've done so far!

  • First step - buy the book. Downloaded to my Kindle app (only $9.99 from Amazon for the digital copy).
  • Second step - read it! Cover to cover. Done! I worked on reading this on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
  • Third step - make a shopping list, fridge list, download the resources and create a google drive folder to have access to the resources from my phone, anyplace I need a reminder. I wrote out my own list of YES foods, limited foods and NO foods to help it stick in my brain.

One thing I really like about this program is that there are lots of options. Diane has a quiz that will lead you to the level that is right for you. Some people will do level 1, level 2 or level 3. AND there are addtional modifications for those training for endurance events, with very active jobs or lifestyles, and with immune disorders.

I'll be completing Level 3 (set up for those who are already following the Paleo lifestyle) with no modifications.

Next step - shopping trip (when it warms up above 20 degrees!) and menu planning. I'm also going to pre-pack some snacks and lunches so I can grab-and-go this week.

I will start on Monday, January 6th!

Stay tuned for more recipes, lessons learned and reflections!


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