Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Paleo Parents: 3 Phase Paleo eBook Review

So two of my favorite paleo authors and bloggers, The Paleo Parents, have just released a new eBook. 3 Phase Paleo: Transition Your Family in 3 Easy Steps is a great beginners guide to the Paleo lifestyle PLUS a collection of many favorite recipes from their previous cookbooks and website. I am beyond excited that they provided me with a copy of this eBook for my review here!

Matt and Stacy (and their 3 boys) have experienced an incredible health transformation since they adopted the Paleo lifestyle. A myriad of health problems for their family of 5 have all but disappeared, they have lost a ton of weight (200 lbs between the two parents!) and have given their oldest boys the most valuable gift: self control and healthy relationships with food.

I've always enjoyed the easy style in which Matt and Stacy write. They write as though they are talking with friends - making it easy to take advice from them and learn from their experiences. I follow these two on all sorts of social media and enjoy just about everything they post! I even stood in line at their Beyond Bacon book release party to meet them and have them sign my copy of their book!

This eBook is broken into three phases to make it easier to transition to this new way of life (not a diet, not an eating plan, but really and truly, a new way to live).

In the first phase - swap - we learn how to add more veggies into our diet and swap processed, chemically laden food for gluten-free and processed sugar free options. A shopping list, a going out guide and even a list of eat this instead of that swap list make this book different. It includes the theories of why - but focuses on the practicality of how to make it happen.

The second phase - remove - walks us through eliminating dairy, grains, legumes and processed seed oils. We learn about the Paleo Parents favorite products, what their pantry looks like and how it makes easy to prepare healthy and hearty meals.

Finally, the third phase is healing. We learn about the whole Paleo lifestyle (sleep, movement, sunlight and stress management) and the addition of nutrient dense foods.

Then over 75 easy to prepare recipes! Everything from main dishes, snacks and treats, veggies and sides and more. The recipes are not full of fancy ingredients, usually things you will find in your well-stocked Paleo pantry. And they are very approachable - ingredient list, easy directions, and even the boys make appearances in the recipe photos!

Each recipe is tagged with a small numbered circle to help readers choose recipes based on which phase of the transition to Paleo they have mastered.

The book is a full cover, 110 page fully-interactive eBook. I usually struggle with the decision to buy a cookbook in an eBook format - there is just something about marking pages and turning through when meal planning and seeing the notes and stains on pages. However, this book is so interactive - linked to many products, blog posts linked into the pages, referring to additional Paleo resources (both online and in print) plus all the ways to stay in touch with the Paleo Parents. There is no way to include all the interactive parts in a print book.

For the cost of $22.95 the book will be in a fully-printable 110 page, full color 8.5 x 11 format. If you would like to have a paper copy (say in a binder?) you will be able to easily print this. Stacy and Matt also include tips and tricks for easiest viewing on common devices (iOS, Android and Kindle).

If you are looking for a place to start in the transition to living the Paleo Lifestyle, this is it!

Download it today!


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