Friday, January 10, 2014

21 Day Sugar Detox - Day 4

I felt a lot better today, compared to yesterday.  No headache, just a little fatigue.  I can't wait for the big burst of energy that comes after the sugar clears my system.  :)

Today was also the first time I ate out at a restaurant since I started the detox.  I've found it easier (when I am beginning at least) to stay on track when I am cooking and controlling my own decisions, rather than getting sucked into a bite or two of this... or that.... or a drink.  I chose to go out with one friend at a restaurant that had lots of healthy choices (and that I was SURE would accommodate my requests).  It was easier than I thought!  

Breakfast - The meatloaf I made was so delicious I had the leftover for breakfast with some green beans.  Just as good the second day!   Definitely making this again.

Lunch and snack - I had celery with almond butter and lettuce wraps with chili.  Plus some carrots and almonds.
And for dinner I had a big bowl of Pho from my favorite Pho restaurant with a dear friend.  They make it for me without noodles and instead add in steamed vegetables.  It's delicious.   This time though, I left out both of the sauces.  I just didn't know what kind of sweetener they use (They are in refilled squeeze bottles so no labels) so I just ate it with the sprouts, jalapenos and basil.  It was the perfect dinner on a cold night.

I really was craving something different - I've been soo happy with the recipes from the book that I've tried and I found a couple that looked good.  Banola (a granola substitute) and N'Oatmeal (sort of a pudding or oatmeal consistency).  There were two ingredients I didn't have for these recipes: Vanilla Beans and Chia Seeds.  I knew Target had both - so off I went.  Sold out of vanilla beans....three stores later I had my vanilla beans.  And I was headed home to cook!  So good!

Luckily a couple of great Paleo bloggers are sharing recipes from 21 Day Sugar Detox and 21 Day Sugar Detox Cookbook, so you can try these recipes before you buy the books!

 Banola (from the 21 Day Sugar Detox) from Passion for Paleo

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