Tuesday, January 21, 2014

21 Day Sugar Detox: Week 2 (days 8-14) Reflections

Wow! Talk about feeling better! My tummy issues are all gone, my sleep has leveled out and my energy is up! I'm also noticing that I'm eating better controlled portions and feeling more full.


One of the worries I've always struggled with is that even when I eat good-for-me food, I tend to overeat. It's a bad habit from when I was younger, and I worked to break it (and did!) but then over the holidays I overindulged and fell back into the habit. I also find that I have trouble with this when I have more sugar or poor choices (especially gluten) like I did with my holiday eating. This makes sense when you look at the additives and processed grains and sugars that I had over that 2 weeks. Now that I am making food that is delicious AND healthy, I'm finding I need to eat less of it and then I feel better as well.


The first week I was so freaking tired. I wanted to come home and take a nap in the middle of the day - and usually vegged on the couch right after I got home from work! This second week was the opposite. I'm running around with lots of energy, staying up to a reasonable (but not late) hour and falling asleep almost immediately. The falling asleep immediately was the biggest improvement. I used to lie awake thinking (and overthinking) about everything! Now, I'm in bed and sleeping in about 10 or 15 minutes max! I'm also (most of the time) getting up easily right before or at my first alarm. Usually I set 3 alarms, 15 minutes apart and need to snooze the first two, sometimes all three!

Tummy issues:

Over winter break, I resorted to eating more gluten than I had in a long time. This brought me back to my terrible tummy issues. We used to not be able to go out to eat because I would have tummy problems before we could get home. I knew every (clean) bathroom along the way home and we frequently had to stop. I was experiencing terrible cramping as well as the other issues. These have completely cleared up again.

Skin and Complexion:

My skin was so broken out when I started this. This is another side effect of the gluten...but now that I've gone two weeks without the gluten, sugar and processed junk, I've seen drastic improvement. I struggled with these crazy cystic acne below the skin on my chin. They have gone completely. I have a couple of residual spots that are clearing up without chemical/medicinal treatments. I also have gotten compliments on my skin (when I wasn't wearing makeup!), especially the area around my eyes. This is traditionally an area I have not liked....I have had dark circles and puffiness under my eyes as long as I can remember. They look better now!

Anxiety and Nervousness:

I wish I could say that this is completely gone - but it's not. I've always been what you would call an extreme worrier. If something could possibly happen...I worry about it. I cancelled lots of plans I had with friends because I worried about how it would go, what would happen, etc. There were times I would worry myself "sick" when I had something important coming up (I would throw up and be sick to my stomach before and after job interviews and difficult conversations!) I was so nervous and worried about going to the dentist that I needed anxiety medication to go for even a cleaning! The extreme end of that has gone away...I'm not making myself sick with worry. But I'm still a worrier - and maybe I always will be. But it is more manageable.

Enjoying cooking and eating again:

Other than the mass quantity of dishes, I'm enjoying the cooking and baking! I'm planning meals better than I have ever done and I am trying new recipes from 21 Day Sugar Detox, Beyond Bacon and blogs that I follow. Yum!! There are some really good ones that I've found this week!

Eating out at a restaurant:

During week 1 I didn't trust myself out at a restaurant. I really love corn chips! Nachos....salsa....queso! I knew if I went to a restaurant that first week I'd give in. This week I went out a couple times and felt very good about the choices I made! Basically - I ordered food as plain as I could (leave off sauces, grilled, steamed) and I still really enjoyed everything I had! Seared Ahi Tuna with asian style vegetables, Bacon wrapped shore dog with Broccolini, dinner out at Chima - a Brazilian Steakhouse, a fritata with no cheese. Delicious!

Socializing and Wining with friends:

I was most nervous about this part of the 21 days. My friends and I have been visiting our Northern Virginia Wineries and tasting lots of delicious wine. We pack snacks, hang out and enjoy the pretty wineries. I knew I would be able to say no to the drinking, but I was worried I would make my friends feel uncomfortable. I'm proud to say we have visited lots of wineries and I think only one of my friends felt badly drinking when I was saying no. Now, as for the ladies working in the tasting rooms....most have been lovely! There was one who seemed to make it her personal mission to try to get me take a drink of something or other, but thats ok. :) I feel proud of myself for not changing my mind to make someone else feel better. This is an investment in my health! And I'm happy to say that I stuck to it! :)

I'm really excited to see what incredible changes I see in Week 3!!

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