Sunday, November 18, 2012

Rolled Paper Christmas Tree Wall Hanging

Again, Pinterest is my inspiration!  I found this pin - and found that the page it referred to was no longer available.  I wasn't having luck searching the blog either - so I decided to broaden my search.  I found this blog and some directions.

I gathered materials - I had a few pages left in a holiday themed pad of cardstock from a craft last year (another tree project!! I think I have a problem!), an extra canvas and of course I have a glue gun and glue sticks.  I pulled out my cutting mat and my paper cutter, a pen and some scotch tape.

First I sorted papers into red, blues, green and multi colored piles.  I wanted to be sure to mix up all the papers and colors.  I cut them into 6" strips.
I started at the bottom, cutting them into 12", 11", 10" etc.  I was following the directions from the blog, and getting them started.
I rolled the paper strip (12x6) around a marker.  The cardstock, especially with the glitter, was hard to roll.
I used a small piece of scotch tape at both ends, and on the longer strips in the center.  I kept rolling until they were all finished.  I realized that the canvas I had in the closet was much larger than the one the blogger originally used - so I cut more paper in 1/2 inch increments (11.5, 10.5, 9.5, etc).   
Next it was time to figure out placement.  This canvas is 18x24, so 9" across was the middle and I marked it at the top and bottom.   The rolled paper tree was 18" tall, so that left 6" not used in the I started 3" from the top and 3" from the bottom.  
I glued the bottom roll on first, and then using plenty of hot glue I added each one on above the others.  Looking back, these were a little crooked...I probably would mark them before gluing them on next time!
Lots and lots of glue, make sure they are secure!
Keep gluing!!  Almost there!  I wish I had a heavy-duty glue gun!
The last thing I did was to cut two pieces of brown cardstock and roll it.  I glued these onto the bottom of the tree for the stump!
I've already found the PERFECT place to hang this - right behind my small WVU Christmas tree above my crafting buffet (in a normal dining room, this would be a beautiful buffet to hold my world, this is my craft space!)   

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