Sunday, November 18, 2012

Magazine Christmas Tree

I found a ton of Christmas tree ideas on Pinterest this weekend.  With the air cooling off, Thanksgiving coming quickly, it is time to start Christmas crafting!

One idea stuck in my mind - this pin and the blog it links to refer to a young lady creating this for a school project!  This is definitely something that the kids can do and a great way to reuse those old magazines.

First, get an old magazine - after I tear out (or scan) the workouts and recipes I want to keep.   Start at page one and first fold over RIGHT to the crease, the neater these folds are, the better and more even the tree will look.  Fold the crease down firmly.

Next, fold over again to the binding.   Fold the crease down firmly again.  Be cautious with this fold - it is easy to tear at the top (this is thin paper!) and if it tears it will cause a portion to stick out of the top of the tree.  I tore more than a few!   
 Finally, fold up the bottom. 
That is one page done.  Keep folding EVERY page like this.   I folded the thicker ad pages, the perfume pages and everything in between.  This was a Glamour magazine and had about 150 pages!   But it made for a nice full tree.  I don't think my Sports Illustrateds would look the same!
Here is a few folded!  Lots to go!
Getting closer!
Whew!  All folded!  Now it is time to tear off the covers gently.   I suppose you can cut these, but I just tore.  Be careful to not tear off the actual part that is holding the binding together.  
See how the actual "spine" is still left on the binding?   
Make sure not to tear it off like this.  
Oops!   The pages will start to come apart if you take the spine off. 
Finally, I used some scrapbook adhesive to attach the front few pages to the back few pages.   This made a nice round, full Christmas Tree!  

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