Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nut Butter Bread

So I have not had grain in my regular diet since February. I eat following the Paleo diet and enjoy it most of the time. Lately I had been craving the comforts of some of the foods I used to eat a lot - mostly bread!

There is something about fall, apple butter and pumpkin butter on fresh bread. A slice of pumpkin spiced French toast. And toasted or grilled sandwiches.

I know that grain doesn't agree with my system and I know that over processed foods like some of the "gluten free" varieties have so many chemicals and overly processed ingredients that I didn't want to try those even.

So I started my search. The paleo community is torn on bread substitutes...most feel that it is a slippery slope of finding ways to cheat that technically meet the nutritional values of Paleo.

I think for me, finding something that is the Paleo unprocessed substitute for something I know isn't good for me is a better alternative than "cheating" and eating the traditional SAD (Standard American Diet) version.

So here it is.
I made this nut bread this afternoon. It turned out fairly flat and un-risen for me, I think this is because my baking soda was pretty old. It tastes good and holds together well.

I wish I could take credit for the recipe. But I made it just as Cooking Caveman suggested. I can't wait to make the next loaf with macadamia nut butter! Maybe add some coconut too!

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