Saturday, December 8, 2012

Just an ornament?

Tomorrow I have another 5k - this is race number 14 this year! This one is Run with Santa and as the race goodie I got a long sleeve tshirt and an ornament. That ornament got me thinking - I can think of no better reminder of this amazing year than putting that ornament on my tree.

  • I have lost nearly 90 lbs (since Presidents day - 6 months on medifast and then changed eating habits, I eat Paleo now).
  • I cook now - many of my meals are at home, not as many out and definitely not on the go in a drive thru!
  • I am a runner.
  • I am a yogi- doing yoga at least three days a week.
  • I run at least two days a week, usually more.
  • I Zumba at least one night.
  • I joined a gym and actually go often - more than just a few times. I can't tell you how many gym memberships I've wasted!
  • I finished my goal of 12 5ks in the year between March and October - I started off walking them with the goal of not feeling like I would die at the end. And now I'm running them and improving my time (still slow, but improving). Sometimes I walk a little more, sometimes I run but I keep moving!
  • I am signed up for a Warrior Dash (obstacle course 5k) and the Nike Women's Half Marathon in the spring!
  • I went from barely fitting in my size 24s and 3x clothes to a size 12 (mostly- we all know how sizes run!)
  • I think about what I eat and make good choices with very few moments of temptation to the things that used to comfort me because I know what it took to do this and how much better I feel!  
  • I've found healthy ways to deal with my stress other than eating!
  • I've learned to shop for what flatters me and not buy something only because it fits! Lots of things fit now.
  • I've learned to shop in regular, not just plus size stores!
  • I am off preventative meds for migraines and fibromyalgia. I feel like a new person!
I think this ornament for this race commemorates more than just this race. For means a whole lot more. And every year when I unwrap and unpack all my ornaments and hang them one by one on the tree...this one will have a very special place!

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