Sunday, November 4, 2012

I did it - 12 5Ks in 2012

I know this is my crafty space....but tonight I need to write about what I've accomplished.  I met a goal I set for myself and I am so proud, I need to share!

This morning I did the hardest and craziest 5k I have ever done.  I finished the Blood and Guts 5K at a local Paintball park.   This was a nutty 5K and obstacle course - logs to crawl under and over, an army crawl in pumpkin guts, a climbing wall, several times back and forth across a creek on rocks and boards and even a "blood and guts pit!"   All while being chased, scared and attacked by Zombies and Monsters (they launched foam balls and bats at us!)

The fact that I did this, that I made it means so much to me... I never thought I'd be able to do this!  BUT even more important, this was my 12th 5K of the year.  I set a goal, back in February to get moving and do 12 5Ks in the year 2012.

I started out just walking these races.   I was slow, but I was moving.

I slowly started running some, then walking, then running more.   And this is how I finished my races.  I run and run and run now and I love it!  Sometimes I have to stop to walk and it's ok, then I run again after the next little bit.  But I am doing them.

And today, I finished my 12th.   I completed my goal.  I started on the 24th of March and finished today, November 4th.   That is 37.2 miles raced in 32 weeks , or the equivalent of 8 months.  I not only met that goal but I blew my goal out of the water!!

  • March 24 - Rev 3 Run Rogue 5K at Fairfax Corner
  • March 25 - RMH 5K in Ashburn
  • April  15 Strides for Success 5K at Fairfax Corner
  • May 5 Run for Kids 5K in Leesburg
  • May 20 - GOTR 5k at GMU 
  • June 9 - Buzzing for a cure 5k in Herndon
  • September 23 - Asha Jyothi 5k at Fairfax Corner
  • September 30 - Cody's Crew 5K in Manassas
  • October 6 - Soles for Hope in Chantilly
  • October 20 - Color Run at National Harbor, MD
  • October 27 - Goblin Gallop at Fairfax Corner
  • November 4 - Blood and Guts 5K in Aldie 

And today, I am proud.   I am so much stronger - and so much healthier.  And I needed to write about it!!  Thanks for reading!


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  2. Ack! Somehow I accidentally deleted your comment Krissy! So sorry!

    "so proud of you! you absolutely rock! keep it up! let me know what other races youre doing. im starting to get back into running and need some motivation!!
    Krissy "