Sunday, February 10, 2013

Two easy ideas for your home

Several months ago I saw a pin on pinterest (imagine that!) that talked about the best way to keep a newborn's tiny socks and mittens from getting lost in the washer and dryer was to put them all in a lingerie bag - not because they need a gentler cycle, but to keep them all together. (Full disclosure - I tuck my bras in that bag with my socks too, they come out before the bag goes in the wash. Having them in this lingeriebag keeps them from snagging my other clothes.)

Love my WVU pop up hamper! Think I have enough WVU swag in this picture? I have my hamper, my logo scarf and at the very top is this cool, ruffled knitted scarf my mom got me for Christmas this year!

Ok, I promised two ideas - that's one!

Here is number two - the easiest way to display, hang, detangle, and organize your necklaces.

I found oversized thumbtacks at a discount store - usually you can find these at an office supply store too. Stick them in the wall and hang your necklaces! (I have waaaay too many necklaces for one person!) These are easy to move if you need to add more and leave tiny holes if you decide not to keep them in the same place.

Another pic with some WV swag in there - love that necklace! My heart is always in WV!
What tricks can you share?


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