Friday, February 8, 2013

Panera's Hidden Menu! SO exciting!

So Panera is a place I used to meet friends for lunch often - when I was in a classroom, this was a great place to grade papers, work on report cards and even to do some lesson planning.  Free wifi, unlimited coffee, no servers to bug you and good food.

Fast forward to my Paleo eating habits now - this is not a place I frequent anymore.  While they have salads that are pretty good, I have to modify a lot - cheese, dressing, bread, croutons or wontons, etc.

SO I was super excited to hear that Panera had these new hidden menu items available.  Today I had a few minutes between a meeting at my school and a training at another site....and needed to grab something!

I pulled it up on my phone, just in case  I had trouble ordering...but had no need for it!   The cashier knew just what I was talking about and she rang it up (with my request of no-onions!) with no hesitation!

SO exciting.  I had the Power Steak Lettuce Wraps with no onions.  It was delicious and great to go - I took it to my meeting and was very happy with that choice!

I didn't have any pesto (I was in a hurry, they had trouble getting the pesto to go, so they gave me olive oil and lemons, I didn't eat the olive oil anyway.)

DELICIOUS choice that has now opened up to me!  I'm excited to try the Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad next time.    I just need to figure out if the bacon is nitrate free.  :)


  1. WOW! That's exciting! I'm so glad they are taking steps to offer more healthy, whole foods! :-)

    My only question....why do they have to hide it? Why do they feel that they have to hide their healthy options????

  2. I think it is all about the "buzz" factor. A lot of restaurants have these hidden menus and get lots of play in the press and on blogs that wouldn't happen if it was just their regular menu. People feel like they are a part of a club or something ad want to participate! That's my theory anyway.