Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Feeling like her biggest fan!

One of my favorite bloggers, Katie, at www.RunsForCookies.com posts "Motivational Mondays" where readers and Facebook followers explain why they are proud of themselves.  

I got some love on her post last night!  :) 

I shared my picture from Colonial Day with her.  Colonial day is something we have each year for our 4th graders at school.  I had this costume from back in 2005 when a parent made this beautiful skirt, apron, vest and cap for me.  I've worn it several years since then but last year was by far the tightest!  The corset vest barely tied!  This year, it more than overlapped!   So exciting!

I love that Katie gives her readers a chance to shine in her little space on the internet!

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