Sunday, January 15, 2012

Photo - A - Day (PAD)

Completing a Photo-A-Day, also known as Project 365, is a huge goal of mine for the year 2012.   The idea behind it is incredibly simple:  each day, snap one photo about something in your day.

I've admired many of the scrapbook bloggers out there who have done this, who have done a Project Life album for a year, envied many of the final products, and wished for the dedication to a project like this.

Here is a great explanation of this project and some of the outcomes that are possible from completing this project:

and this is an amazing story of a man who took this very seriously.  He began in 1979, and for 18 years he took one photo a day until the day he died in 1997.
Simply googling Photo a Day or Project 365 gives many ideas of what people are doing... And there are lots of websites such as Shuttercal (arranges your photos that are uploaded daily into a calendar) and which keeps track of all the daily images that are uploaded.

What do I want to get out of this project?
  • Document my year - what have I accomplished?  What has changed as the year went on?
  • Identify what I am focused on this year - are my priorities straight?  What do I spend my time on?  Do I need to make changes?
  • Improve my photography - in addition to using my cameras and phone more, I want to use them better.  I want to learn what they can do and how to make it happen!
  • Be more comfortable with my camera - and take a class or two this year!
Below are a few pictures from my project so far.  I have been using my camera and my blackberry to capture images through the day, whichever I have on hand.   I haven't decided if I will use Shuttercal or how I will collect them and share them.  Right now they are all in a folder on my computer, each photo labeled with the date.  

Is anyone else doing something like this?  How will you share?  What do you hope to get out of it?

Jan  5 - are we taller than an emperor penguin?
 Jan 6 - undecorating the  Christmas tree!
 Jan 7 - fighting a cold
 Jan 8 - Photos taken for blog postings
 Jan 9 - first snow!
 Jan 10 - organized and ready!
 Jan 11 - new nail polish

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