Sunday, January 29, 2012

Arranging Flowers

Will came home on Thursday with the most beautiful roses.  They had such full blooms and so many stems of them, that they wouldn't fit in the go-to vases that I have.  Most of those had too narrow of a neck to accommodate these fabulous guys.  Look how full!

So I decided to try something I had seen on Pinterest and get crafty!

First, I found a bowl with a wide mouth.  For this I chose a Pampered Chef Batter Bowl.  I like the idea of a really basic, every day bowl being used for something so pretty!  

Next I took plain old scotch tape (because I didn't have any floral tape and I liked the idea of it being clear) and created a criss-cross pattern across the top.   The tape was regular width of scotch tape, so I can see how narrow floral tape would work better - but it is dark green!  I really like the idea of not being able to see the grid.   I also forgot to take a really good picture of this, but you can see it in the one below if you look for it.
Finally, tuck each of the flowers into the holes of the grid you have created.   Enjoy your arrangement!  Beautiful and easy.  The whole thing took me about 15 minutes.   A couple of other tips - remember to pull the leaves off your stems.  If your leaves are below the water level, you will get rot... and that's gross.    Cut your stems under running water - this opens up the stems so they are open to taking up water from the vase/bowl that you use and they will stay fresh and beautiful as long as possible!

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