Monday, January 30, 2012

Photo - A - Day (PAD) part 2!

So early in January I posted about Photo-A-Day and how I was hoping to grow and change as I took one photo per day for all of 2012.  Click here to read more!

I wasn't sure how I would organize them and display them after I was done.   I have figured out what is working for me!

First - Shuttercal.   I love that it shows me a calendar of the month, with a thumbnail of my photos, making it very obvious which days are missing. It helps me keep on track - I don't want to see that blank square staring up at me!  Shuttercal membership is free - but if you upgrade to the next level you have the ability to set your account to private.   This is important to me and I chose to pay $19 for the yearly membership to be able to control more of the settings (especially privacy) for my account. Because I have my account set to private, I've included a screen shot of my calendar rather than a link. 

Secondly - StudioJ.   Studio J is the studio (digital) scrapbooking tool from Close to my Heart.  I have used StudioJ for the last year and a half, but in the last 4 months I have started to complete most of my scrapbook pages digitally rather than traditionally.  Studio J has many options for paper (kits) and for patterns that use 7 photos in a 2 page layout.  I will be completing a 2 page layout each week.   Right now, we are on the start of week 5...and I have successfully finished taking all 28 photos for each day so far this month AND completed the first 4 weeks of layouts.  They are in my cart ready to order!   :)  Since I haven't ordered them yet, I don't have a finished product to share, but here is a screen shot of my week 4 layout in progress:

Studio J has a membership as well - but it is optional.   If you do purchase a membership, there are more kits and patterns available to you.   The layouts that you purchase are reduced by 50% and each month one order of 5 layouts or more is shipped free.   Studio J has an option to order just the JPG files of your layouts, allowing you to print them to Costco or another store.

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