Sunday, January 8, 2012

52 Things I Love About You - Mini Book

Have someone in your life that you love to pieces?  Here is a little mini book made from a deck of cards (hence, the 52 things).  This again was an idea I saw all over the place on Pinterest.   Super easy, only a little bit tedious and lovely to spend the time deciding on the 52 things...  This would be a great anniversary or birthday gift too!  :)

So first, find a cheap deck of cards.   The Dollar Tree has these, $1 for 2 decks.

Patterned paper
Crop-a-dile or other whole punch
deck of cards

First, I covered all the cards with patterned paper.  I decided to cover the front sides since this was a cheap deck.  I've seen it done where the deck is from someplace special you went as a couple, so in that case you'd want the front of the cards to show.  Measure your cards, cut all the paper and then adhere it for the best efficiency.  :)

Secondly, I punched holes.  I think it is easiest to punch the wholes with the crop-a-dile because I could set my depth and know the wholes would be in the same place.  Remember, cover the cards first if you are going to do that so you don't have to punch twice!   I was able to punch about 8 cards at a time, using one as a guide.

Next, write your reasons - Some of the pages had a plainer pattern that I just wrote right on.  Others needed a tag.  If you left your front sides uncovered, you may just want to add a tag to the back sides (numbered or face cards) to add your reasons.   Also, be purposeful about whether your pages will be portrait or landscape and try to stick to it so your love doesn't have to flip his or her head around to read it! 

Finally, thread the ribbon through.  I threaded up from the bottom in both holes, and tied a bow on top.  Don't forget a tag on the back with the date or occasion on it so you will remember years from now when this was created!

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