Monday, September 30, 2013

October Unprocessed 2013

So starting tomorrow I'm beginning a new food challenge.  

October Unprocessed

This is a food challenge from Andrew Wilder over at

The rules are easy - nothing with processed ingredients and nothing that you couldn't make in your own kitchen!  If it has a label, it needs to be something that a person with reasonable kitchen skill could make at home.  It doesn't mean not eating out...but it means making whole food choices when you do. 

I have been making some not-so-great food choices lately and a challenge like this is JUST what I need to get back on track!  

I know I can do this - for a lot of reasons!
  • There are lots of resources online
  • I have several friends jumping into the challenge
  • I'm going to post pictures and recipes here, on Instagram and use social media pressure/praise to stay on track
  • Unprocessed is very similar to Paleo, so it's not a new way of eating, just a re-commitment to what I know works for me and what makes me feel so much better! 

Here we go!  The challenge starts tomorrow!  

In preparation, I grocery shopped yesterday and I did my version of meal planning - get the ingredients for certain go-to dishes that I can choose from on the fly this week. 

Here is my favorite part from the official guide: 
"The best way to succeed in this challenge is to be clear about what you want to accomplish. If you already eat pretty well, maybe this month is the time to buckle down and toss those last few packages skulking around the pantry. If you aren’t there yet, maybe cutting out high fructose corn syrup or just vending machine food is your first step. Or maybe Sunday dinners will be unprocessed, but the work week won’t change much. 

DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU. No matter what your goal, even if it’s small, please join us and take the pledge. 

So, what's your intention? Write it here and make it official! 

My intention for the October Unprocessed challenge...."

My intention is this - clean up my eating and do what I know is best.  I will cut out dairy again and cut back on sweets and fruits.  Absolutely no grain or corn - being honest, corn is one of those I've been allowing in more and more.

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