Saturday, September 28, 2013

Inexpensive DIY Charging Station

I now have a work phone, a personal phone and an iPad that I am charging most nights.  I have three different cords (of different lengths) plugged in and I am sick of the cord mess.

I spent some time looking at "Charging Valets" and other pre-made solutions, but they were all around $40 and didn't seem to fit what I needed.

So of course, I turned to Pinterest!  I found lots of great ideas using stationery boxes, but again, those were expensive, even at Marshalls.

Here is what I came up with and I love it!

It was so easy (and inexpensive).

First, I bought a surge protector (2 for 4.99) and a 99 cent Sterilite shoebox. I used a drill bit to poke holes in the top of the plastic lid and make them "just big enough" for the power charger ends to poke through.   Make a hole in one end of the box for the plug for the power strip. These were NOT pretty...some were too big, some were uneven.

Tuck the power strip inside, plug your cords in and thread them through the holes in the top.

Cut scrapbook paper to cover the top, and very neatly cut holes in the paper.  Cut strips of paper to 3 x 12 to get the band of paper at the bottom to cover cords.  I used Close To My Heart's Liquid Glass as the adhesive.

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