Monday, March 25, 2013

Pinterest Testing: Blue Dawn + White Vinegar = cleaner

So all over Pinterest I see the pins for the blue dawn + white vinegar to make the best and easiest and non-scrubbing cleaner EVER!   Seems too good to be true....

So I tried it today.  We all know I hate to clean.  Unless of course I drink too much coffee or I am avoiding something like report cards or grading or other school work.   :)   Then I can't stop cleaning!

First - check your cabinets to see if you have BLUE dawn and white vinegar. Unfortunately I didn't have either!   And why does it have to be blue dawn?  No one knows, but everything says blue is the color to get.

I tried the dollar store luck for either so off to Giant (our grocery) I went.

$3.64 for a 24 oz bottle of blue Dawn and $1.19 for a 16 oz bottle of white vinegar.   Less than $5 and this is reported to clean my tub, toilet, sink, mirrors, floors and carpet stains.  I'll pay that!

Heat your 12 oz of vinegar in the microwave, not till hot, just warm.  Add it to your spray bottle.  Add 12 oz of blue Dawn and shake gently (more like swirl) to mix without too many suds.  I mixed these in the bigger measuring cup instead so I could get a pic of what they look like.
Spray all over your tub and sink - I did the mirrors too.  It was very blue.  (and many of you know I'm not a fan of blue at all.  Ick)

Leave it sit for a few minutes - 30 to 60 minutes was recommended.   I wiped the mirrors promptly.   The other things I did leave on for about 30 minutes.   I was able to wipe off most of my ick from the shower and tub.

A couple of the issues that came up:  It was hard to get all the suds away.  This kept foaming and foaming.  The sink was the worst....At least in the shower I was able to keep rinsing.  A few places the grout actually looked a little blue!  NOT good!   I scrubbed it with a microfiber cloth (and then rinsed that out) and the blue went away.

The good:  The mirrors sparkle and shine, the faucets sparkle and shine.  The porcelain looks great.

The mediocre:  I was really hoping the whole stain would come off the "textured" bottom of my shower/tub.   I hate that the texture looks grey in a white tub.  I'm sure it's just because it's old...but I wanted this to be sparkly too!   It lightened the staining but it remains light gray.. Maybe if I leave it on longer next time!  The bathroom smelled like vinegar - but that is much better than the smell of chemicals that usually give me headaches!

So good!

On to the carpet spots.  Unfortunately I didn't take any before or after pics.  The pinterest folks said to use a  2 to 1 mixture of vinegar to water (who says we never use ratios!) for the carpet.  I was afraid it would turn my neutral colored carpet blue!!   I used my Bissel SpotLifter (the old version of the SpotBot) to scrub and clean the floor.  It worked beautifully!   The only problem was a little more sudsing than I would have preferred.  The spots came out, the carpet looks great.  :)

All in all - I think this is a good alternative to buying the chemical cleaners for the bathroom! WIN!

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