Sunday, December 16, 2012

Want to Make Your House Smell AMAZING?

So, I don't want everyone thinking all the recipes and crafts come out perfect EVERY time.   There are times when life gets in the way or something goes awry and it turns out awful.
Yesterday as I was cleaning out my fridge and kitchen I found a partial bag of clementines.  I had forgotten about these...oops!  They are hard as rocks and some are brownish on the outside...  What a waste!  I think the bag just got hidden and of course, out-of-sight and out-of-mind!

I also had 4 cinnamon sticks I got from MamaOrganics premium at a race I ran back in the fall.   They were packaged in a box with organic soap, oils, and clay.   I felt like the soap smell got on the cinnamon sticks so I was nervous about cooking with them....

So, I didn't want to pitch them so I decided to make a potpourri simmer pot on the stove this morning.

I cut those 8 little rock hard clementines in half (they were nice and juicy on the inside still, maybe a little shriveled) and added the 4 cinnamon sticks to a medium sized pot.  I covered them with water and turned them on medium high to come to a boil.  Then I reduced the heat and let them simmer at a low boil.

It is seriously delicious smelling in here!   The orange, cinnamon, YUM!   If I had some Vanilla beans I would throw them in there, and maybe some whole cloves too!

I think this is a nice way to make your house smell wonderful without all kinds of leftover "stuff" in your pantry/fridge.   What would you simmer?

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