Sunday, August 3, 2014

Whole 30 Again!

So this summer, I really indulged in a lot of treats... I enjoyed myself, but between the lack-of-exercise and the treats, my clothes are tight again and I feel not-so-good.  I am missing my endless energy and the feeling that I can accomplish anything!  My joints are aching again (pretty sure that is from my occasional glutening and the loads of sugar I've had) and this is not where I want to be.  I'm sleepy early in the evening and struggling to get out of bed each morning.  This is how I used to feel all the time, but it's not ok with me.  Now that I know HOW good I can feel, I want to feel that way again!

So I am in for another Whole30!   Whole 30 is simple - eat real food (meat, veggies, fruit, nuts and other healthy fats), prepare it yourself as much as possible and avoid a few non-negotiables (gluten, legumes, sweeteners of all kinds, alcohol and dairy).  Move daily and stay off the scale.  Eat 3 full meals and don't snack!

I have a few goals I am setting for myself and I am adding them here as an extra bit of accountability!

  • Eat breakfast every day.  This means planning ahead and getting out of bed.  I hope this helps me get back on track in two ways...out of bed on time AND starting the day with a healthy breakfast which will lead to less snacking/poor choices later in the day.
  • No drinking - even though this is one of the rules, I want to state this as my own personal goal.  We have been visiting lots of wineries and enjoying a lot of local Virginia wine, but that comes with a lot of empty calories AND leads me to snacking on things I know I shouldn't eat.  :)   So here it is.  No drinking.
  • Plan meals and shop with a purpose - throwing all the things in my cart is when I throw in the junk.  :) Adding a meal plan will help me make better choices too.  This also means cooking in bulk/larger portions and having leftovers on other days.   Today I am making NomNom Paleo's Cracklin Chicken to have some ready-to-go protein for a few meals this week.  Also, it will be delicious during football tonight for dinner instead of going out for wings! 

So there it is - stay tuned for lots of food photos as I move through the next 30 days! 

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