Friday, July 4, 2014

Icy Fruit Pops!

Earlier this week I was at HomeGoods and found these ice pop molds on clearance for $6.  I couldn't pass them up since they were so cute and there is so much yummy fruit that is local and ripe now!

First I chopped up some fresh fruit.  Today I choose peaches, strawberries and blackberries. I tried to cut them into small, diced chunks of about the same size.

Next I added them to the ice pop molds - filling them up as full to the top as I could.

Next, I added some juice.  I found this yummy Pom Hula on sale today at Aldi, so I filled them up right to the top of the container with Pom Hula.  I read a recipe earlier this week that says to use coconut water for an icy delicious treat.  I've also read about using coconut or almond milk for a creamy pop.  Yum!  So many choices!

Snap on the tops and let them freeze solid for a few hours.  
To unmold, run under warm water for just about 3 seconds.


These are fabulous ice pop molds.  The base is larger than the ice pop and the "cone" is hollow to catch all drips. Yum!  Perfect on a hot afternoon. 

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