Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Display your Christmas Cards (Inexpensive and Pretty!)

One of my absolute favorite parts of the Christmas Season is the cards I send and receive.  I make my own hand-crafted cards (a post on that to come soon, after my cards have all reached their destinations!) and I love knowing that family and friends treasure the work I put into them.

And then I receive cards from family and friends.  I get to see how their year has been, see pictures of families and how the kids have grown, and enjoy the cards that they have made or chosen to send out to show their love.

I used to display them on the back of my door, or on the island in my kitchen, but they were in the way and often got knocked off.  Well, this year we moved so I was on the lookout for a perfect place to display them.

I have two bi-fold doors to my laundry space, just off the kitchen.   It's a very visible door space so I chose to use this to display my cards this year.

I purchased 2 rolls of 2" wide wired ribbon.  I chose gold this year.  It's so shiny!  And I strung it on my bifold doors.  They have vented slats, so I taped it in the back, through the top and bottom slat.  If you don't have slats, just tape the ribbon over the top and bottom of the doors.   If I run out of room on these four ribbons, I'll string one on the pantry door as well.

To hang the cards, I use paperclips that I already had. I simply poke the long end of the paperclip through the ribbon (use a small pair of scissors if you want to slice a neat slit in the ribbon or if you are using something thicker, like grosgrain ribbon).  Then hang each card on the paperclips.

Tip:  I wait to add each paperclip after the cards come in.   That way I have less wasted space and have room for tall and wide cards alike.

This adds so much color and happiness to my space that I often leave it up till around Valentines' Day!  I love looking at my friends and family's photos and cards here.

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  1. Pretty! And, I see my card!! :) I do something similar where I wrap my door like a gift with the ribbon criss-crossed and love having the cards displayed where I can see them all.