Sunday, November 24, 2013

Holiday Pillow Covers - easy sewing project

My couch is a dark red color.  With all the Christmas spirit I'm feeling - I felt like this couch was SCREAMING for a makeover.  I have four throw pillows (from ikea, a cream and black print) and it seemed like the perfect time to add in some cheer.

I looked at Target and Walmart this morning, but the seasonal throw pillow that I "kinda" liked was $19 for one!!   It would have cost me a fortune to get four pillows!  So I went to the fabric aisle instead.

I found this green cotton with tiny white polka dots for $2.97 a yard.  I bought 3 yards to make the 20" pillow covers.  The fabric was also 44" wide so it was perfect.  I headed home and got out my sewing machine.

First, I cut four 22" squares.  Since the fabric is 44" wide, folded in half it is 22".

I didn't want to put in a zipper or any other closure (or make these permanent) so I decided to make an overlapped flap on the back.  So the back would be made of two pieces of fabric.  One was approximately 16 inches and the other was about 11 inches.  This left me room for a 1" rolled hem and still 3 inches of overlap.  I'd probably add a few inches to the smaller piece if I were to do it again, only because my down pillows are pretty full and puffy.

Now I have 4 22" squares, 4 pieces that are 22x16 and 4 pieces that are 22x11.   Hem along the 22" side of all 8 rectangles.  Roll the edge under, and stitch end to end.  Pin if the fabric is slipping a bit.  No need to lock the stitches on the ends since you will be sewing these in when you put the pillowcase together.

Now, put the pillow case together.   Spread the 22" square out flat with the right side of the fabric up.  On top of that, right side down (right sides should be together), put the smaller piece down first.  On top of that put the larger rectangle.  They should overlap by about 3 inches.  Pin in place.

Sew all the way around the edge.  Since I made them 22" square and I need a 20 inch pillow case, I left a 1" seam allowance.  I didn't stop at the corner, just lifted up the foot and turned the corner.

Snip each corner off so it will turn nicely.

Turn right side out and put the pillow form in!  Ta-da!
I kind of want to put a big button on the bottom and a loop from the top. Maybe a cool red button or a star or something to add a little funkiness to this otherwise plain pillow.  What do you think?

On a side note ... down pillows and comforters.... when you take their covers off do you get feathers EVERYWHERE!!!  It looks like I got in a fight with a bird in our livingroom - well, it did before I got the vacuum out!  Sheesh!

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