Saturday, November 2, 2013

October Unprocessed: What did I learn?

Well, I did it!  For the 31 days of October, I ate as unprocessed as I could.  I chose food wisely that was less processed than average for me.  I stayed grain free.   I cut out the amount of cheese I was eating.   I limited the fruit that I ate on most occasions.  I planned and I cooked and I limited how much I went out for lunch (and some dinners) knowing it was harder for me to make the best choices when I didn't prepare them myself.  

I also learned a few things about myself....and hopefully these will help me as I move forward with these healthy eating habits!
  • When I skip breakfast or lunch, I will eat whatever is in sight when I come home.  Usually this is when I made a not-so-unprocessed choice!  It's important that I have a protein heavy breakfast to hold me from about 5:45 when I eat breakfast till I get the chance to eat close to about 12:30.
  • It's worth it for me to get up earlier and make a hot, fresh breakfast.  Reheated breakfast or a cold start to the day just isn't the same.  Eggs or soup are my favorite.
  • Shopping on the weekends and stocking my fridge with delicious options gets me what I need to make the best choices.  But I don't do well with a prescribed plan of meals for each night of the week.  Just like I can't pick out my clothes the night before - it all depends on what I feel like that morning or dinner time! 
  • Making a large batch of something (crockpot pulled pork, chili, etc) makes for a great week for me and it doesn't bother me to eat the same thing repeatedly!
  • I am a snacker - no matter what my day looks like, I need snacks.  If I pack them, then I eat wisely.  If I don't pack snacks for work I find that I munch on whatever (gluten free) is available. 
  • I eat a lot of colorful food! 
The Health and Wellness Office in my school system is sponsoring a healthy challenge again this year.  Their goal is to help you "maintain, not gain" through the holidays.  Last year it was an activity challenge - log your minutes and earn points for your team.  This year the challenge is about eating 5 or more servings of fruits or veggies each day.  I think I will be an asset to my team, what do you think? 



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