Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring Break Porch Makeover!

I love my patio...and that it faces the "trees" and not the parking lot like my last place...

But it was looking kind of junky.   Even though I have gathered some new furniture lately, it still seemed mis-matched and without a direction or anything to pull it together.

On my patio I had

  • a beige gravity lounger
  • a patio table from my grandmother's house (with a solid metal base with a greenish color and a white tabletop)
  • two plastic Adirondack chairs (that I got from craigslist about 10 years ago!) and a small plastic table that I had spray painted royal blue.  One of the chairs was broken...
  • an assortment of planters and pots stacked in the corner from plants that have died long ago.
Last week I picked up two beige and brown sling chairs for the table.  They were on sale at Aldi for $15 each.  They match my gravity lounger perfectly and are the right height for my table.  I got rid of the blue plastic chairs that day.

Total at Aldi:  $31

Today I went to Lowes and got a bag of potting soil some plants.  My goal was to spend $50 or less:
  • 32 qt potting mix
  • 2 large hostas (different varieties)
  • 1 small hosta 
  • lavender
  • 12 pack of impatiens
Total at Lowes was $45

Next I headed to Walmart to see if they had tomato plants available.  I really wanted tomatoes too... but there was a hard freeze over the last two days so both Lowes and Walmart have lost all their tomato plants!  :(  In a few days I'll go back and get some more. I did however spend another $6 and got the following:
  • small bibb lettuce
  • small jalepeno plant
Total at Walmart was $6

 I repotted and planted all of these in my existing pots and the back patio was looking better already!

Now it is time for step 2!  A pallet project.   I found inspiration for the project here at and I'm excited to see what I can do. I'm crafty, but I am not super handy with tools and construction.   This should be an adventure!    Stop back tomorrow to see how it turns out!

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