Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Google Education Fairfax Summit

The last two days I have been lucky enough to be at the Google Education Fairfax Summit.   Great sessions and workshops were held, keynotes were given and we got our hands on some fabulous new technologies!

Here are a few of the highlights from the two incredible days of learning:

The best part was building our professional network so we can keep learning together and lead our kids and teachers to discover some fantastic learning!   We created our tribe! 

Michael Wacker's keynote - Connected Compassion.   We spend our days catching kids in nets.  Instead we need to provide them with trampolines so they can bounce back in and get back to learning!  

Jim Sill's Keynote about Reckless Creativity.   How can we have creativity without risk?  Fear really messes things up!  Our job as teachers - teach our kids how to lose their balance and then find it again.

Kern Kelley talked about student managed digital portfolios and about harnessing the power of kids as tech support! Tech Sherpas running a live webcast to answer teacher and student questions, plus helping younger kiddos manage their digital portfolio.

We learned about being a blackbelt writing teacher from Kevin Brookhouser.

Many of our presenters asked us to think about why we were using technology with our kids - Technology is a tool, not a learning outcome! 

We saw a demo of  Google Glass with John Bailey.  AND I GOT TO TRY IT! 

We had a lot of fun in the photobooth too - check these out on Instagram

There was so much great learning and sharing happening.  
Check out the tweets tagged with #gafesummit #fxsummit4c 

If you have a chance to attend a Google Education Summit - JUMP at the chance.  Don't wait!   

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  1. Great summary! I went to two of Kevin Brookhouser's sessions and they were my favorite ones--what lucky kids to have him as a teacher!