Tuesday, May 21, 2013

2013 Color Run - May 19

Sunday morning I woke up bright and early (the day after the Warrior Dash!) to meet some of my awesome friends (and coworkers) to head to the National Harbor for the 2013 Spring Color Run.

This is a fun, not for time 5k.   The only requirement for this "Happiest 5K on the Planet" is that you wear white clothing and you have a great time!  We were ready!

We chose to walk this 5K and push Leah in the stroller.  Walking was fun and we had phenomenal time chatting and having fun together!  This is a really a great 5K for every fitness level. There were people of all shapes and sizes, lots of fitness levels, runners and walkers, families together, large groups and single participants, and lots of folks with costumes!

The start is in waves so every 2 or 3 minutes a group of participants was released.    Then at every kilometer mark was a "Color Zone" where volunteers threw colored cornstarch onto us!  

Want to try The Color Run?   
Here are a few tips to help you have the most fun!
  • Sign up SUPER early.   These races sell out quickly!   Go to www.thecolorrun.com to see when this race will come to your area.   Sign up for the email alerts and you will be notified that tickets are on sale.  Sign up THAT DAY!   I signed up in early December for this one.
  • Sign up with friends and form a team.   Not only is it more fun, but you save $5 per person!
  • Bring a camera phone to take pictures but put it in a ziploc bag!   You will notice at the later color zones that my pictures are a little bit fuzzy....it's because of the color on the bag, but that is better than ruining my phone!
  • Bring a bandana or a shirt large enough to pull up over your face.  The color is hard to get out of your nostrils after you breathe it in!   Last year when I did this I must have taken a deep breath and somehow got blue WAAAAy up in my nose because I had a blue result every time I blew (blue?) my nose for about 10 days!
  • Wear sunglasses - this protects your eyes from the color!
  • Make a costume - super fun!  We made tutus the last time and this time we made these sparkle skirts.  

HAVE FUN!  This is not a timed race, it is usually pretty crowded and is stroller and dog friendly!

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  1. Hey we must be almost neighbors! I live about an hour from National Harbour and the Warrior Dash is only about 15 minutes from my house. Great job getting so much activity this weekend :)