Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Remembering....What can I do?

Yesterday was the 6th anniversary of the Virginia Tech Massacre .... this was so close to home for me. Two of the victims and the shooter were from the high school that is less than 2 miles from my house. We have several teachers on staff who were there at VT that day and who lost friends they grew up with. This is always a terribly sad day here.

And Monday, as a runner, with a half marathon scheduled in DC for 12 days from today.... I am so sad. Sad that the families who came to cheer their runners in Boston couldn't enjoy their safety, sad that runners who trained and qualified were kept from finishing by someone's act of cowardice, sad that a historic event like the Boston Marathon is not safe from harm, and so sad for everyone who was there or had runners there (we had several local friends there running).

I always wear my "We are all Hokies" shirt on April 16 in remembrance...but yesterday I was torn, do I wear my Hokie shirt or my race shirt, because we as runners won't be deterred and we stand with all those in Boston.... and that made me very sad. What a sad time for our world that we have to chose what shirt of remembrance/tribute to wear, two tragedies among the many this week (Waco, OKC, Columbine, VT and now Boston).

*sigh* I am too emotional and sad about this whole thing.

Last night I went out for a run/walk.  I walked 26.2 minutes (26:12) for each of the lives lost in Boston yesterday....a total of 78:36.  No music.  Just walking, enjoying everyone out on the trail, thinking and taking in the sunshine and blooms and thinking and remembering both the lives changed forever yesterday and those changed 6 years ago today at VT.  

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