Sunday, January 6, 2013

Thinking about goals - where I've been and where I want to go

One year ago, on Christmas break, we were sitting in the waiting room of the Cardiac Surgery Center waiting.  For 7.5 hours we waited.   No news at all...just knew it was bad and they would need some time.   The surgeon told us he WOULD come out when he was done, but not in between and he didn't send any of his staff out, not the way he works.  SO we waited.  And waited.

My nephews and niece and sister and brother-in-law and my mother and aunt and uncle who drove in later in the day.  We waited, tried to read, play with the kids, watch TV, but waited.

And that 5 way bypass that my dad had that day was a success.  An incredible success.  In so many ways.  He has a healthy heart now, more controlled blood sugar. Dad has lost a lot of weight and is closer to a healthy weight than he has been in all my life. My mom and dad are eating healthy and exercising regularly. I am a healthier, active person who has lost 90 lbs.   I am a smaller size than I was when I started middle school - in 7th grade I was already a 14/16W and an XL/2XL.  

We have come so far....and it took nearly the worst thing possible to get us there.

Last year, around President's Day, once I was back to my routine and dad was healing and I was no longer traveling home every weekend, I was ready to change.  And Medifast did that for me.  

I made a 3 part goal to be healthier in 2012:
  • lose weight (I thought I wanted to be around a size 14/16, not necessarily a weight goal) - little did I know I would make it smaller than that!   I couldn't even IMAGINE a 14/16 on me! 
  • to be more active,  (I made a goal to finish (Walk/Run/Crawl if I had to) 12 5Ks in 2012.   On New Years Eve Afternoon I RAN my 14th 5K + 1mile race.  I can run an entire 5K without stopping now when I could barely run 90 seconds at the start).  I have learned to use running and yoga and exercise as my stress relief instead of food.
  • strengthen my heart and build endurance.  

Now it's time for 2013 - another great year ahead of me.   I have been thinking long and hard about my goals for this year.  Finding it hard to decide on one, so I'm settling on a multi-part goal again this year:
  • Continue healthy Paleo eating and drop closer to a healthy body fat%
  • Continue running/yoga/zumba/gravity classes.   Get stronger!  Build more muscle and endurance AND Try a new class or two in 2013  - spin, TRX or kettlebells maybe?
  • Run!  
    • Running Mileage Goal - I will run 500 miles in 2013.  RUN, not just my everyday FitBit tracked steps.
    • Train for Nike Women's Half Marathon - April 28.  My goal is to jog/run it.   I walked a 1/2 in 2005 and took forever, this one will be faster.
    • Complete Warrior Dash May 18 - including climbing the wall.
I can do this - after 2012, I know that I can accomplish EVERYTHING on this list.

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  1. I'm so interested in your journey. Can you share more? I was the same growing up! You mentioned medifast but also lc/paleo.