Sunday, September 9, 2012

Eggs Poached in Tomatoes

Late last week, I came across this blog post  from Mark's Daily Apple and I was intrigued!   It sounded absolutely delicious....and I had just spent the weekend canning tomatoes so I was prepared to make this recipe even easier!

It turned out delicious and couldn't have been easier!

First, prepare your tomatoes - Mark has a great method if you need to start from scratch.  I was short on time this morning so I grabbed a pint of stewed tomatoes (no additives, just tomato chunks and juice) and added some salt and pepper.   I let this simmer in my small (metal handled) saute pan.  Perfect for a healthy meal for one.  I let it simmer till the sauce had reduced by half, and kept the temperature on med, low bubbling simmer, not hard boiling.

Next, crack your eggs into a small bowl - so much easier (from everything I've read) to gently slide them into the tomatoes without breaking them apart - and slide them into opposite sides of the pan of tomatoes.   Sooo I took a picture of my eggs, and my little bowl, but forgot to take a pic of the eggs in the bowl.  Oops!

Let them simmer and begin to set up at the edges before you move the pan.   Start pre-heating the oven to 350.  It's so hard to be patient, but don't stir or move the pan at all.  
 I was having trouble being patient so I added some mild pepperdew peppers.  These are semi-sweet, semi-hot and added just the right heat.  I had 4 I plopped them in to the tomatoes.

Finish up by putting this pan into the oven for about 6-8 minutes until the whites of your eggs are set.
Tada!   Aren't they pretty?  Ok, so not so pretty....but delicious!
 Poured into a bowl about to be devoured.  What did you have for breakfast today?

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