Sunday, February 19, 2012

Broiled Grapefruit

So again, I found a good idea on Pinterest.  Imagine that, right?

Yes, Broiled Grapefruit.   Sounds amazing...right?

First I had to figure out how to section a grapefruit.  I've only ever eaten them with a grapefruit spoon.  Now, I read about a grapefruit knife!   I have no idea what this is!  :)   But after some googling, I've decided I need one!   But alas, I didn't have one that I could use for this recipe.

So I made due with a regular old knife...and sectioned my grapefruit.  I bet it would be easier with a grapefruit knife!

Next, I sprinkled about a tsp of brown sugar on the top and popped this in the toaster over on broil.   The hardest part was waiting long enough for the brown sugar to caramelize!

It was unreal and SOOO good!   The brown sugar caramelized and got crispy, the grapefruit was warm and delicious.   Totally worth trying for a sweet, warm treat on a winter evening.

Broiling in the toaster oven.

 Look at that yummy goodness!

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